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Sleepy Stu's Adventure Sleepy Stu's Adventure game

If you’re looking for platform-based tomfoolery with a logical and choice-dependant progression, then you need look no further for your sweet fix of razor-sharp entertainment from Meet Stu, a tired city-dweller who just wants to get away. You are tasked with guiding him through fifty levels of skill-based adventure plus twenty more talent-testing stages if you so wish. If you’ve never heeded anything in your life then it may be best to start here and observe these cautionary yet essential words: Frustration is inevitable and patience is essential if you are to successfully defeat this game.

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Dreams Dreams game

Flash games today seem increasingly to be directed towards a quick fix of fast and furious entertainment with unforgiving violence, often overly-elaborate premises and more blood than is contained in the Rambo Trilogy. But what if I don’t want that? ‘Dreams’ is a uniquely-illustrated spot-the-difference game by Difference Games with a darkly relaxing twist. This is not a game of choice if you are already remarkably tired, lacking in concentration or are operating heavy machinery; play yourself peaceful with this mild-manned and well-made work of (literal) art.

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Wake Up The Box Wake Up The Box game

Use gravity in a way you’ve almost certainly never used it before: To wake up a happily-sleeping cardboard box! It’s unclear exactly why he’s sleeping, for how long he’s been snoozing for and indeed why he’s even alive in the first place, but it’s your job to wake him up by pulling, dropping, hitting and generally upsetting the sleeping square using wooden structures of your own creation!

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Sleepy Sleepy game

Those of you who are even mildly familiar with the selection of flash games available on the internet will likely have encountered physics-based balance games before. 'Sleepy' by Fast Games takes the physics and balancing aspects of these games and adds the element of attempting to avoid the awakening of sleeping squares. Play your way through fifteen levels of precariously--balanced fun, trying not to wake up the four-sided forlorn forms as you go; don't assume that a square can't get angry if you disturb its slumber, since these are grumpy boxes with considerable attitude.

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