Coma Game Walkthrough: Part 2

coma game walkthrough

Coma Walkthrough Continued...

Shill Bend

You will see two lanterns. The birdie suggests that you turn back at this point. You will tell him "No, I am so curious." He will then tell you that you are going to die. You agree; however, you will enter Shill Bend just past the lanterns.

  1. Recalling that Jon told you that in Shill Bend right is left, use the right arrow to head to your left.
  2. Come to two scale-type apparatus' set up on trees.
  3. Jump onto the lower one and then onto the higher one. (Remember the directions are swapped and you should have no trouble doing so.)
  4. Finally, jump onto the cliff at left.

Mama Gomboysa

You will now be in a "right is right and left is left" type of screen. Movement is back to normal for this screen.

  1. You see a man playing a flute with a familiar "D-e-B-A-B" tune that your sister used to play.
  2. Continue heading to your right and find a trampoline.
  3. Hold down the up arrow to jump higher and higher until you reach the clouds that have flowers growing on them. (You will pass a few sets of clouds before you reach these.)
  4. Exit onto the cloud.
  5. Head left to go to see Mama Gomboysa.
  6. Mama Gomboysa tells you that your sister is fine; she says that nobody has her locked up in a basement.
  7. Mama Gomboysa also warns you not to "ring the dore bell."
  8. Lastly, she instructs you to go play Gomboysa with her son and he will give you something to make you jump high.
  9. You will now head back to the right to exit the clouds and your birdie friend will tell you "That woman is a straight up liar."

High Jump

You now must go play with Mama Gonboysa's son.

  1. Head to the left and make your way back to the Silver Chute.
  2. Shill Bend will be reversed this time, so just keep going left.
  3. Allow the gross worm to eat you and go through his body again.
  4. Exit out his other end to wind up back in Red Winds Field.
  5. Now go right past Jo and her jump rope.
  6. Jump up atop the stone arch and then atop the two plies of stones to pass that screen.
  7. Arrive at the tree where Mama Gomboysa's Son is playing on the vines.
  8. After you offer to play with him, the Son offers you jump seeds to help you jump higher.
  9. You must take these seeds in order to jump high enough to get atop the pier where Father is fishing, which allows you to make your way back inside the dark house.

The Dark House

Now that you can jump higher, you can go back to the house where you began (the Dark House).

  1. Walk back to the left of the screen.
  2. Go past the stone archway.
  3. Run past Jo and her jump roping.
  4. Jump back down off the cliff by the house.
  5. Find your way to the dock.
  6. Jump up onto the dock from which your Father is fishing.
  7. Make your way back into the dark house.
  8. Head left through the various screen shots of the house.
  9. Stop when you find the piano in the first room where you awoke.
  10. Choose, "Yes," when prompted, "Play the Piano?"
  11. Play your sisters song, "D-e-B-A-B"

The Basement

Once the song is completed, a trap door on the floor will open, seen by a beam of light.

  1. Go into the light to enter the basement.
  2. When you begin to move, Birdie confesses to having lied to you.
  3. There are three buttons to push. They look like small black boxes with two tiny lights on each.
  4. Jump on the two on the floor to activate the buttons.
  5. Jump off the chair and to the right to hit the third button with your head.
  6. A new trap door will now open.

Pink Blobs

You come face-to-face with a pulsating pink blob of sorts.

  1. Above the very left-most part of the blob is a button in the ceiling, jump to click it.
  2. Now make your way to the right, past the blob. ((DO NOT go onto the bridge. ))
  3. Jump over the bridge.
  4. Walk to the end of the short tunnel to the second button.
  5. Activate the second button.
  6. Head back to the left and the bridge.
  7. Step on the bridge this time.
  8. The bridge breaks and you head down below where there are even more pink blobs.
  9. Make your way to the centre of the screen, where there is a button located above the large pink blob.
  10. Jump off the blob to hit the third button and activate it.
  11. A trap opens in the centre of the largest blob.
  12. Jump into the hole.

The Dore Bell

You fall very far down a hole. You come to land on a boat.

  1. Birdie tells you the doorbell is there and you should ring it.
  2. Run to the left of the screen and stop beneath the glowing doorbell.
  3. Jump up to click on it.
  4. The game will fade to black.
  5. Enjoy the closing credits of Coma.
  6. The end.

The coma walkthrough concludes with a flight back up to consciousness, where Pete is told to wake up. The vagueness of the ending allows the player to speculate to what fib they think Birdie was referring. In addition, it allows the player to decide whether the game itself was a dream, or if it was the odd reality of Pete's life. Coma is a lovely, simply drawn game that brings a slightly dreamlike feel to a platform-type game. It is set apart from other games of its genre by its engaging and enticing storyline and meticulous background graphics.