Coma Game Walkthrough

coma game walkthrough

Coma Walkthrough Part 1


In the first scene, we join Pete in a dark sitting room of a large house. Pete wakes up and notices that everything has changed.

  1. Inside the dark room, head slightly left to the piano.
  2. You will have the option to play the piano or not. At this point in the game, it does not matter whether or not you choose to play it.
  3. Head to the right of the screen.
  4. Keep going right and exit the screen.
  5. Note that on one of the walls in the house, the words "Ring the door bell" are written.
  6. Continue going right through each room of the house until you exit.


Once outside the house, you will come to your friend, Birdie, whom is locked in a cage.

  1. Free Birdie from his cage.
  2. Birdie tells you that your father has your sister locked in a cage also.
  3. Head out on the quest to find your sister and save her from the cage in which your Father put her.
  4. Continue heading to the right.


Continuing the Coma walkthrough, you come to a fishing pier, where you find your Father fishing.

  1. Jump down off the pier onto the ground. Note: you will not be able to jump back up upon the pier on your own volition.
  2. Your Father instructs you to clean out the drain.
  3. You may respond negatively or positively to his demand, but as the game goes, you will need to do this task for your Father either way.
  4. Continue to head to the right.

Red Winds Field

You come to the end of the outdoor house. You will see a box on the ground, one out of the window and another higher up one as well as a clothes line that leads up to the top of a cliff.

  1. You must jump on the boxes to get to the top of the clothesline.
  2. Once atop the clothesline, you can hop onto the top of the cliff.
  3. Continue to head to the right.
  4. You will now enter Red Winds Field.
  5. Continue past two screen shots of Red Winds Field.
  6. You will now come to a young girl playing jump rope.


Speak to the girl. You will learn that her name is Jon.

  1. In this conversation, the girl asks if you have ever been to Shill Bend.
  2. She will then inform you that in Shill Bend, "right is left." Remember this information for later on in the game.
  3. Keep heading towards the right.
  4. Come to a stone archway beside two piles of oddly shaped rocks.
  5. To pass this section of the coma game, you must jump upon the arch and then onto the tops of the rock piles. You cannot pass by going under the archway.
  6. Continue to head to the right.

The Son

The next person you will encounter is a boy swinging on vines. You will need to speak with him as well.

  1. Upon speaking to the boy, you (Pete) learn that the boy is able to swing from these vines due to the magnetic powers of the Gomboysa plant. Keep this information in mind for future reference.
  2. Continue to go the right.

Fat Simeon

You will now encounter a man who needs your help.

  1. The next screen features a metal pipe with an opening into which you will drop down.
  2. Once you make your way inside the pipe, continue right to meet up with two blinking eyes peering out of a hole in the pipe.
  3. Speak to the owner of these eyes, and learn that this is a man called Fat Simeon.
  4. He has a disorder, hypoinflazatory disease, which causes him to swell and he is stuck in the pipe.
  5. He would like you to help him by finding a sharp object to use to poke him, which will in turn free him.
  6. Head to the left this time.
  7. Run past the swinging boy.
  8. Run past the stone arch.
  9. Go past jump roping Jo.
  10. Go past the outdoor house.
  11. Come to the spot where your Father is fishing on the pier.
  12. Make your way to the water underneath the pier and use Birdie to collect the hook at the end of your Fathers line.
  13. Head back to the right, past the house, Jo, the archway, and the boy to the pipe.
  14. Use the hook to puncture Fat Simeon, thus allowing him to be freed from the pipe.

Silver Chute

Continue to your right inside the pipe.

  1. You will see a Gomboysa fruit hanging in the centre of the screen, jump to try to get it, or not, either way you will have fallen into the Silver Chute.
  2. Once in the chute, head to your left.
  3. You will see a glowing orb. Allow the birdie to collect the orb.
  4. You will see the words "Wake up Pete!" written on the wall.
  5. Continue to head left.

The Worm

The next screen shot is a bit tricky.

  1. There are two trees, a tree with a flower on it and a tree with only branches.
  2. Start at the left of the branches-only tree and simultaneously press your up arrow and left arrow. Doing so will make you climb in a diagonal line up the tree and to the left. Keep trying this until you get up the tree, it may take a few shots.
  3. Next, keep heading to your left.
  4. You will come to a giant worm with wiggly teeth.
  5. Aside from your own personal objections to climbing into the mouth of a giant worm, go on inside the worm's mouth.
  6. Continue inside the worm, headed left.
  7. You will notice the words, "Ring the dore bell" written on the inside of the worm.
  8. Finally, you will come to the "end" of the worm, which you will see as a light green circle in the screen.
  9. Jump through the hole and you will come out the other end of the worm. (Lovely)
  10. You now find yourself back in Red Winds Field.
  11. When you jump out of the large orange circle in Red Winds Field, which you have already passed a few times by now, you must have birdie grab the yellow magnet (glowing orb) that exits with you.
  12. You now have picked up a vital magnetic object to help you in your journey.
  13. Make your way back to the right toward the single Gomboysa that is hanging. Recall that this is located just before you fell down Silver Chute.
  14. To jump to the Gomboysa, first jump up out of the pipe.
  15. Now jump onto the plank leaning on the cliff.
  16. Next, jump onto the wooden plank just above the plank, which is leaning.
  17. Jump to grab onto the Gomboysa.
  18. Finally, jump off the Gomboysa when the vine swings over to the other side of the gulch.