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About the Coma game

Coma is an adventure platform game by Thomas Brush and that invites players to step into a world of whimsy and confusion, when Pete wakes up and finds that everything in his life has changed. Players join Pete on a quest to save his sister, and wind up meeting some fascinating characters along the way. Coma plays with the realm of the subconscious and mirrors a dreamland, which ventures near creepy, off-colour, and even becomes slightly unsettling at times. One of the most heralded aspects of the game is the terrific background music and graphics. The peaceful feeling of a dreamland is perfectly portrayed throughout the game and offers a welcome escape from reality. Players spend the game trying to figure what is reality for the main character of the game.

Coma follows a platform game style and is mainly navigated with the right, left, and up arrows. When Pete comes to other characters, he will often engage in conversations. Elaborately highlighted as one of the most creative free games available mark it as a wonderful character platformer. When in conversations, the game is sped up by clicking the mouse. One fun aspect of the game is that many of the conversations allow for a little bit of personalization. Many of the times Pete is asked to respond, players can choose from two different responses, usually one negative and one positive. While this feature does not alter the game in accordance with the responses, it does allow the player to have a little bit of fun with the dialogue and story.

The main storyline of the Coma game is that Pete awakens to find that the world is not as he knows. Pete finds that Pete's Father has locked his friend, a bird named Birdie, in a cage. Birdie tells Pete that his Father also locked his sister in a cage and Pete must save her. While searching for his sister, Pete comes across a little girl and a boy who offer vital information for his quest. Pete also finds Fat Simeon, who needs Pete to help him get out of a predicament. After Pete helps Fat Simeon, Pete enters the Silver Chute, where he encounters a large worm, which he must allow to swallow him. Pete will then continue on his journey, passing through Shill Bend, where left is right and right is left. Pete passes a musician playing a song that sounds familiar to him on his way to the heavens where Mama Gomboysa resides.

Mama Gomboysa offers Pete and Birdie some invaluable information about Pete's sister. Pete then travels back to the house where the story began. He finds himself in the exact basement rumoured to be where his sister is locked. From this point, only a few more minutes of game play remain, and it would not be fair to reveal any of the final secrets. The ending of the game does not wrap itself up into a neat little package with a proper ending, but does allow closure of sorts to Pete and his quest to find his sister.

In a game that pushes the limits of the player's imagination, the ending of this game is quite appropriate and offers little in the form of resolution, but more in the realm of consideration. Some players consider the ending of the game to be vague and open to speculation. However, the player views this ending; one thing is for certain, that space between consciousness and unconsciousness holds more than meets the eye.

The following is an exhaustive Walkthrough of Coma. Nearly every movement necessary to completing the coma game is described below. The walkthrough is comprehensive and does contain spoilers. Each segment has title. The main spoilers are contained in the following sections: The Worm, Mama Gomboysa, and The Dore Bell.